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Jumana Parkar, LM, CPM

My Story, Who am I?

This has always been a pivotal question I keep coming back to time and again! There have been many labels associated with my name. I am a daughter who was groomed to be a woman. I have earned couple of degrees and changed professions a dozen times. But I kept coming back to the same question; “Who AM I?”

One day I receive a letter in my inbox from a complete stranger. The gravity of my work with the women in a village in India had moved him and inspired him to pour his heart out, to another stranger; to me. It was like somebody holding a mirror for me; showing me who I was; “A keeper of the sacred bond” a bond so pure that even the Goddess holds space for her, a Midwife.

At this point I was young. The lessons I learned at school and college served me no more. I had to unlearn in order to relearn. Each wave washed me clean ready to fill me in with new life force. I was brought to my purpose. I had to jump in headfirst and trust the universe to hold me. I was reborn, to serve, to sit patiently and watch the changes in birth from moment to moment… and to be with women.

My mothers and grandmothers were the tenders and seed keepers of the land. Wise old women, who nurtured me, fed me from the bosoms of life, and sung sweet hymns in my tender ears. These women held me in each of their Wombs, giving me a part of their own. To make me who I am today, a Dai (a midwife in my traditional Hindi language).

I am 400 births old now and I have gained valuable experience. I was initiated into the art by Ina May and Pamela the grandmothers of midwifery at The Farm in Summer town, Tennessee. I received my Certified Professional Midwife Certificate from Maternidad La Luz which is nestled in the border town of El Paso, Texas. I am a Licensed Midwife in Texas and a preceptor for the North American Registry of Midwives. I have been honored to work in India, my home country.

Birth is as old as this earth, from the first breath of inception this mother ship of ours has given birth. First to simple one celled forms to a trillion multi-celled human it all came from her. Birthing is imprinted in our DNA. We just have to tap into our primitive brain and access this information by simply believing in the design. "Surrender is the mantra".

My work in the last 7 years as a Spiritual Midwife has helped me understand the sacred cycles of life. The different altars at which women stand transcending each time to a new realm. The realms are called menarche, childbirth and menopause; each realm a rite of passage. The moons and the sacred blood bring intuitive power to women. It opens up floodgates into the world of divine feminine power. Birth is the power of Shakti (the Goddess of destruction paired with Shiva the God of creation). Every birth room is filled with this dance of creation and destruction, threading in between realms is the mother birthing a new light. Every birth is filled with hope, there is no right or wrong to it. It just is; pure unadulterated energy; birthing to evolve to yet another realm. I rest knowing this.


Rose Williams, LM, CPM

A Midwife Who Protects the
Birth Experience

My passion for midwifery began as a child in Tucson, Arizona listening to my grandmother’s storytelling with friends about her childbirth experiences. She was a midwife. She had all 7 of her children at home and was often called to assist other women in her community with their home births. I always remembered those stories and when it came time to have my daughters I choose to birth them at home during a time when a home birth experience was very hard to come by.

I’ve served pregnant, laboring, and birthing women for 30 years and I have attended hundreds of home and birth center deliveries. I believe that most women can have a natural, un-medicated birth outside of a hospital setting, and I believe this experience should be an option that is made available to women. One of my major roles as a midwife is to protect this natural, physiological birthing experience. My work in midwifery is more than delivering babies. It is about supporting the wisdom of birth and supporting women finding their voice and strength through one of the most defining experiences they will have in their lifetime.

I began my career as a Registered Nurse in labor and delivery, and that experience gave me a set of medical skills and experience that enriches my current profession as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). During my training in a high-volume birth center in El Paso, Texas, I had the honor of attending over 100 births prior to being licensed in Texas in 2013. After graduating from midwifery school, I had the additional honor of being asked to join the school and clinic as a Staff Midwife, a role I served in until 2017. I have so much gratitude to all the babies and families who have blessed me and guided me to become the midwife I am today. To date, I have attended over 580 births as a primary midwife. I have assisted in 3 sets of twin deliveries and 2 planned breech deliveries.

I am licensed as a CPM through North America Registry of Midwives and serve as a Licensed Midwife (LM) both in Texas and New Mexico. I grew up in Arizona and feel culturally connected to the southwest. I am fluent in Spanish and am committed to inviting diversity of clients, colleagues and medical professionals into my practice.